Khrōmetallic Ink

Our specialized printing process has 1350+ metallic colours


Colour Matters

Colour is your inspiration, your brand. Ensuring colour accuracy and consistency in your print projects is our top priority. Using advanced colour management paired with sophisticated spectrophotometers your prints are always colour perfect.


{custom wallpaper}

Type II

Type II is medium-duty wallpaper that is typically used in high-traffic areas, foyers, lounges, corridors, offices, etc...

Class A Fire Safety Rating

Class A has an Flame Spread Rate of 0 to 25, making it is able to withstand fire for longer than any of the other classifications.


Easy to install with standard commercial wallcovering pastes, primers and installation techniques.


Ordinary dirt and smudges can be removed with a mild soap & warm water. Dry with a soft lint free cloth or towel.